"ZIO COMMERCE" is a small bussines firm in private property. Primary activity is the exploitation and adaptation of flat stone from Benkovac, from proper quarry.
We are successeful doing bussines, on home and and on foreign market.
Primary product is flat stone from Benkovac also known as Mediteranian. Croatian or Dalmacija stone are names whom often use and meeting on miscellany foreign and home markets.
Flat stone from benkovac is authentic Croatian product, originating from around Zadar Town Benkovac.
Specific quality of stone is its color, that nauncing from light yellow to warm orange. Stone adaptation is in the spirit of tradition (manual, machine-made or combined manual - machine adaptation).
Use of product is multiple, objects construction, wall and floor backbiting of the home, the bussines area, garden encore many another possibilites, and for best presentation look at our photo gallery, where is shown only the part of possible use flat stone from Benkovac.